Pictured are the first ever sixth grade Blue League Champions. FRONT ROW: Mason Ditto, Garret Borth, Tyler Henry, Trey McCormick, Matt Graham, Jace Sprague, Emilio Oropeza. TOP ROW: Brandon Kaiser, Cam Trammell, Keegan Michael, Colton Kane, Wyatt Holligshead, Luke Laskowski, Hayden Mulford and Derek Bollinger. Submitted photo

The sixth grade Blazer Blue after rolling Raymore-Peculiar 50-7 in their last game, clinched their first Blue Valley varsity division championship.  With an overall record of 7-1-1, the Blazers reign as league champions.  Saturday’s game at RPHS started out with Ray-Pec scoring a 50 yard touchdown, then the door shut and the Blazers scored 50 straight points to seal the victory.  The Blazers scored on every possession and ruined the Ray-Pec’s undefeated season.    The sixth grade Blazer Blue won their first ever Blue Valley League Championship.
After the game, coach Oropeza said, “ In the 20 years that I have been coaching youth sports, this sixth grade team has to be one of the finest group of young men that that I have ever had the privilege of coaching! For always being undersized and undermanned, we never ever got out worked.  These kids have an exciting future ahead of them. God Bless all of them, the elite 15 Blazers they are.”
Year End Stats
L. Laskowski    ,149 car., 1291 yards, 16 TD’s, 6 1-pt conv.
K. Michael, 71 car, 301 yds, 5 TD’s, 1-1pt conv
C. Trammell, 40 car, 248 yds, 3 TD’s
D. Bollinger, 40 car, 170 yrds, 1 TD, 2 1-pt conv
E. Oropeza, 32 car, 151 yds,  3TD’s, 1 1-pt conv
T. McCormick, 12 car,  26 yds, 3 TD’s
T. Henry, 4 car and 25yds, M. Ditto 3 car’s and 11yrds, 1 TD, C. Kane 5 car, 3yds
L. Laskowski    ,7 comp for 89 yrds
T. McCormick,10  comp for 139 yrds
J. Sprague, 8 rec for 184 yrds and 1 1-pt conv.
K. Michael, 2 rec for 18 yrds
C. Trammell,    2 rec for 38 yrds
T. Henry, 3 rec for 65 yrds  1 TD
W. Hollingshead, 46;  E. Oropeza, 46; L. Laskowski, 45; T. Henry, 41;  D. Bollinger, 41; C. Trammell, 40; T. McCormick, 38; K Michael, 36; M. Ditto, 33; G. Borth, 29;  J. Sprague, 25; H. Mulford, 22; C. Kane, 21;  B. Kaiser, 3; and M. Grahm, 2.
QB Sack
Kane, Oropeza, Michael and Hollingshead
T. McCormick, 4; C. Trammell, 2; and L. Laskowski, 1.
Fumble Recoverys
C. Trammell, 3; E. Oropeza, 3; W. Hollingshead, 1; and K. Michael, 1.