By Linda Rothwell
Gardner Grange members have been keeping busy. The November meeting began with the usual potluck dinner. Several members reported on attending National Grange in Tulsa, Okla. They were Alice Ficken, president; Lois Barber, secretary, and Linda and Eldon Rothwell.
Ed and Patsy Bruns also attended but were unable to come to the meeting that night. We three guests from Richland Grange Buddy, Shari, and Elsie Dingus, they also reported on attending.
Alice Fickin and Lois Barber were in charge of the hospitality room and had been there the entire week. They reported feeling the earthquake in Oklahoma City during the time they were there. And serving breakfast and snacks from early in the morning to late evening. Lois and Alice also reported on attending a Pow-Wow put on by the Cherokee nation in Oklahoma. They really enjoyed the dancers.
Linda Rothwell and Shari Dingus are members of the Kansas State Grange Lecturer’s Committee along with State Grange Lecturer Callie Ballenger, attended the lecturer’s workshop with National Grange Lecturer Pete Pompper from South Carolina.
During the workshop it was reported that some of the contests that were discontinued a few years ago by the National Grange will be brought back by popular demand. Many other program possibilities were discussed, and ideas exchanged.
“Your programs are an important part of the Grange meeting, because that is where you are going to draw new members from” Pompper said.
Gardner Grange was founded in 1873 as one of the first organizations in town. The Grange is  a great family and community organization.
Originally a farm organization, the Grange has branched out in many ways from the beginnings. The potluck dinner is always followed by a business meeting and program. The Grange has interesting and educational programs each month. Lecturer Linda Rothwell has put together a program on hats this year and was asked to present the program for some of the other Granges in the state. She also presented her program at the Optimists Club.
Gardner Grange meets on the second Monday of each month at the Grange Hall on the Johnson County Fairgrounds. We hope to gain some new members this year. For information about joining the Grange, call Linda Rothwell at (913) 856-7562.  For information about renting the Grange building for family reunions or other occasions, call Lois Barber at (913) 856-2134.