Look at a jar of jellybeans. You have to admit it’s a cheerful sight. Feast your eyes on those sweet little dumplings of sugar, pressing their pudgy faces against the glass, proudly offering themselves in a riot of colors: strawberry red, mandarin orange, lemon yellow, lime green, grape purple, licorice black and bubble-gum pink. Think about the universe in which they live. It’s a universe where every bean has its own special place and where each one at some time hears the words, so satisfying to a jellybean’s ears: “This jellybean is just right.”
Now imagine a human community as a jar of jellybeans. All different sizes and shapes, some gifted one way, some another, but no person without a distinct gift and no one person ultimately more important than another. In a jellybean community, each person is recognized as having a unique and irreplaceable contribution to make and each one is able to hear the words, “This person is just right.”
Founder of The Jellybean Conspiracy, Howard Martin, believes The Jellybean Conspiracy is a way of discovering what it takes to realize such a community.
“We call it a ‘conspiracy’ because it brings people together to pass on a secret of potentially life changing significance,” said Martin. He explains the word is made up of two parts: “con-” which means “together,” and “spir-” which means, “to breathe.” To conspire is thus “to breathe together” or “to breathe as one.”
The Jellybean Conspiracy is a project in which people of different gifts come together as one to tell the Jellybean Secret. On Friday, Dec. 9, special guest emcee, KMBC TV Chief Meteorologist Bryan Busby and Gardner Edgerton High School students will perform The Jellybean Conspiracy at 7:30 p.m., in the Performing Arts Center at the high school.
More than just an entertaining school theatre production, The Jellybean Conspiracy show is a unique life-changing experience for students and their local community. This drama explores the art of kindness and challenges the audience to engage in more compassionate relationships. The Jellybean show is cast with students from regular and special education classes who use a variety of theatrical strategies.
The performance presents real life issues about inclusion and diversity, while also demonstrating their joyous rewards.
“From the very first time I saw this amazing piece of theater I knew I had to bring it to my students. Watching the students in our program learn to work together and trust each other on the stage has been so rewarding for me as an educator,” said Jeff Lady, GEHS drama director. “The Jellybean Conspiracy is a one-of-a-kind evening of unique and moving theater and an experience I know none of us will ever forget.”
Tickets are available for $3 per person on the night of the event. All proceeds will benefit the GEHS Special Education programs. Come early and enjoy an art show presented by the students in conjunction with the GEHS Art Department in the High School Commons beginning at 6:30 p.m. A musical pre-show is scheduled at 7:15 p.m., prior to the main event.