Maurice Taylor
Wake up America!  I’m tired of paying taxes.
With the brouhaha going on at the Gardner City Council meetings, the bloggers are missing the point.  It’s about taxes.  It’s about Gardner citizens paying more taxes.  It’s not about professionalism, it’s about taxes.
What kind of professionalism do you want?  The kind seen on C-Span last week where Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young got into an argument with Rice Professor Doug Brinkley; or the kind where a South Korean politician throws tear gas in Parliament?
I doubt Council members Dennis Pugh, Larry Fotovich, or Mayor Dave Drovetta consider themselves professional politicians.
If so, they wouldn’t be holding office in Gardner.  While it may show a lack of, shall we say sophicstication, on the part of concerned parties, it does show a passion for the job they do, and the duty they have taken an oath for.
And for all the bloggers, when will I see your name on a ballot?
As for video taping a public meeting, it’s a moot point.  I believe any one can walk into the meeting with a camera and record the meeting.  The point is who pays for it?
I would guess the city would spend close to $50,000 per year to record, produce copies or stream it live on a website.
They would need recording equipment, broadcasting equipment, bandwidth and the personnel to monitor and maintain it.
The only revenue stream they have is taxpayers.  I’m tried of paying taxes.
Having opened the recent property tax bill I discover approximately 80 percent of my property taxes are being donated to USD 231.
But that is another letter, and living in Edgerton, I would have to put on my bib overalls and muck boots to write it.