Danedri Thompson
Sheriff’s deputies served Gardner City Council member Dennis Pugh with a temporary protection from stalking order on Nov. 29. The order prevents Pugh from following, harassing or contacting city council member Larry Fotovich or entering or being near Fotovich’s residence.
The order, issued by Johnson County District Court, does not prohibit Pugh from attending city council meetings or carrying out official duties related to his office.
A hearing related to the order is set for 10 a.m. on Dec. 15.
In the petition for a protection order, Fotovich alleges that Pugh threatened to take him into a backroom and beat him in front of 20 witnesses during a city council meeting, drove to Fotovich’s home, which is located in the same neighborhood as Pugh’s residence, and put Fotovich in a headlock.
“After escaping, (Pugh) followed me to the corner of my street and tackled me in an effort to take my camera which I had used to record his aggression,” Fotovich wrote in the petition.
“(Pugh) has demonstrated an impetuous and violent behavior, and I do not trust him to act in a different manner in the future,” Fotovich wrote. “A safe distance between us is all I have as protection.”
Council meetings are not the only places in town where Pugh and Fotovich are likely to cross paths. Their children play on the same recreational basketball team.
A spokesperson for the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office said today that their investigations into the allegations are ongoing.