Danedri Thompson
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Council member Dennis Pugh doesn’t plan to resign, at least that’s the word from two emails Pugh sent after a council meeting last Monday.
“I will gladly tender my resignation right behind the resignation of Mr. Fotovich,” Pugh wrote in an email to council member Chris Morrow. Morrow asked for Pugh’s resignation following last week’s council meeting.
Following a Nov. 21 city council meeting, Pugh followed council member Larry Fotovich home where an altercation allegedly occurred. Police were called and the altercation is under investigation by the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.
During the meeting, Pugh told Fotovich to shut up and said he would “drag him in the back room and beat the s—t out of him.”
Morrow asked for Pugh’s resignation and that of Mayor Drovetta in an email the following day.
“As your continued presence on the council could well lead to further embarrassing situation and events for the city of Gardner, I recommend you apologize to the council member in question and tender your resignation immediately,” Morrow wrote.
Pugh declined to resign in an electronic response, saying Morrow also yelled at the meeting and showed disrespect as well.
“Mr. Fotovich and I have quite a history and sometimes emotions run high,” Pugh wrote.
Pugh has yet to comment publicly to The Gardner News about his alleged actions last Monday, however he did respond to an email from a constituent.
The constituent asked that Pugh keep his responses to Fotovich “civil and professional,” Pugh wrote that he plans to continue serving on the council.
“I regret my actions and I believe I stooped to a low level,” Pugh wrote in an email response to a constituent. “I appreciate your support and will do my best to perform better in the future for the citizens of Gardner.”
Editor’s note: The information in this story came from several days worth of council emails obtained by the Gardner News as an open record request.  City email accounts are public record.