It’s time for Dennis Pugh to step down.
There’s simply no excuse for what he did. No matter how angry someone makes you, no matter how out-of-line you think another person is being, physical altercation is never the answer.
But that’s the option council member Pugh selected when he stomped out of a meeting threatening council member Larry Fotovich.
“I would take you to the back room and beat the shit out of you,” Pugh said before marching out of a public meeting. Audience members could hear Pugh slamming doors as he left.
Pugh’s language was offensive and his attitude was too much, but for these things, he could be forgiven. There are very few people who haven’t on occasion allowed their anger to get the best of them. Heated words are the vice of many.
Pugh followed Fotovich home.
That’s the part for which that can be no public approval – no looking the other way. Normal, sane people just do not do that.
Pugh had plenty of time to cool down between his exit at the meeting and the time Fotovich arrived at his house. Instead of going home and cooling down with his own family, he went to Fotovich’s home where an altercation ensued.
Fotovich has three small children. Pugh is a father himself. He should be asking himself what sort of lesson he’d like his children to take from his actions.
He should be ashamed for bringing council problems to another family’s doorstep in the middle of the night no less. We can’t imagine the trauma Fotovich’s youngest children witnessed as their father was tackled in the street and police cars surrounded the area.
Pugh’s actions put us on edge. This time he simply followed Fotovich home. But what happens the next time he snaps? Can we trust him not to bring his fists (or worse) to future council meetings?
Pugh told a local blog that he’d “simply had enough.”
We have too, Mr. Pugh. It’s time for your resignation.