Bill Lucas
An open letter to Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Rep. Kevin Yoder:
This country is supposed to be a beacon of democracy to the world.  The citizens who went before us worked tirelessly to make a more perfect union so this country was a beacon to the world.  I am fed up with both Democrats and Republicans but especially Republicans and specifically you three.  You, along with the other Republican members of Congress, have stood in the way of every measure to make life better for all the citizens of this country except for the very, very, rich.  It disgusts me to watch you turn this democracy into a corporatarcy where all power resides in the hands of big business.  When any segment of a society gets too much power, they will abuse it.
You continuously tout cutting taxes will be good for business and the economy.  The Republican Congress and President did that in 2001 so where are the jobs?  Every decade since 1940 has had higher taxes than previous 10 years and has outperformed the last 10 years by billions of dollars and millions of job created.
You say you are focused on job creation but you have done nothing.  Instead, Mr. Yoder sends around emails and mailings asking about Medicare and balance the budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  How does either of these create jobs?  How long does an amendment to the constitution take? (It requires ratification by 3/4th of the states).  So how will an amendment to the constitution create jobs?
On every issue where the common person interests are being protected, you work tirelessly to undo them and prevent any new ones from becoming law.  I like breathing clean air, eating safe food, and drinking safe water.  I like products that are safe to use, knowing that the house I bought was built to code, and the car I drive my family in has a high crash safety record.  I especially want to be protected from the predatory banking practices that a once honorable profession has devolved into using.
Rather than provide solutions to problems that would benefit this country and our children, you play politics.  You show more loyalty to your party than this country.  To me that is treason.