Danedri Thompson
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Brett Limer hopes voters will have all the facts when they fill out their ballots for a $73 million Gardner Edgerton School bond issue. The mail-in election ends on Jan. 31.
Limer attended a few district presentations on the bond issue.
“Some of the things they’re saying – they’re not necessarily lying, but they’re not telling the whole truth,” he said.
The district’s public presentations allow for limited question and answer, Limer said, but he hopes a website he’s created, www.gardnerschoolbond.info, will fill in some of the blanks for voters.
“The school presentation and usd231.com give half the information,” Limer said. “I’m helping to give the other half.”
For example, district’s website and a recent mailer says that Moonlight Elementary School is exceeding its capacity. The mailer says the district built four modular classrooms on the elementary school’s property in 2010 and another modular classroom in 2011.
But Moonlight’s enrollment actually decreased between 2010 and 2011, Limer said.
“There’s actually decreased enrollment at three of the six elementary schools, including Moonlight Elementary. There are more students in trailers this year than there were last year, yet student headcount is down,” Limer explained.
The district projected that Moonlight would gain 13 kids in 2011. Instead, the school’s headcount decreased by 34 students.
The projection was short by 47 students, Limer’s web site explains.
That’s a concern for the parent of two students, because school officials are saying the bond issue is necessary based on future projections.
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