Participants donated $10 for an opportunity to stuff a shopping cart with groceries during the Rotary’s Grocery Grab. Submitted photos

The Gardner Rotary Club’s  Grocery Grab was held Nov. 5 at Price Chopper.
The winners donated $10 for a chance to win five minutes in Price Chopper grabbing groceries.
Ten finalist came to Price Chopper at 7:30 a.m. At 7:45 a.m. President Cherlyn White-Conklin started drawing the winners: Kristi Sanchez won a $50 gift certificate, Paul Hughes won a $150 gift certificate, Douglas Lerner won a $25 gift certificate, Brian Bickford won a $25 gift certificate, Sierra Henricks won a $25 gift certificate, Heather Embry won a $100 gift certificate, Philip Brown won a $75 gift certificate, Ralph Schoffstgil won a $250 gift certificate, Todd and Lisa Oswald won a grill, and Gardner Multi-Service Center won the grab. Some of the winners donated all or part of their winnings back to the community food pantry.

Participants had five minutes to grab as many groceries as they were able. Submitted photos

At 8 a.m., JoAnne Haworth, director of the Multi-Service Center, started her run through the store, off to the meat counter for one minute, then four minutes grabbing groceries. During that time she filled two carts and arrived at the check out with one second to spare. The crowd cheering her on the whole time.
Students from Gardner Edgerton High School videotaped the event.
The proceeds from the fundraiser are used to help the Rotary Club with activities.  Seventy percent is used for youth-related projects in Gardner. The club supports the community food pantry and various Rotary International projects.