Juanita Rothous
club president
The GFWC Athena Club held the first meeting of its club year on Sept. 21. This begins our 89th year as a service, volunteer club in Gardner and Johnson County.
Hostesses were Peggy Deaton, Fern Coffin and Jerrine Reed with the meeting held at the Gardner location of the Johnson County Library at 1 pm.
Our first program: “The History of Aprons” was presented by club member Fern Coffin. Members were encouraged to bring or wear a special apron to the meeting. Fern shared that “aprons” have been around a very long time. When the Bible tells of Adam and Eve stitching together leaves to cover themselves, they were in fact creating the first aprons in history. When the feminist era struck, aprons were in large part abandoned, along with bras, as symbols of feminine suppression. Today many children don’t even know what an apron is and the use of aprons is not what it used to be!  It was an interesting and delightful program.
There were fifteen members and one guest in attendance. Roll call was to show and tell about the apron that each member brought.
We had one guest in attendance, Linda Loyd of Gardner; who came with Laura McCarthy.
Club members gave reports on the various appointed committees. Two ladies were nominated to be our voting representatives for the Second District Convention to be held on Oct. 29 in Lawrence, Kan.
October is breast cancer awareness month so members were remind to wear pink to our next meeting, which will be held on Oct. 20. We voted to change the day of our meeting to allow members to attend the Senior Luncheon that Gardner Edgerton High School will be hosting on Oct. 19—our regularly scheduled day.
Also the GFWC Athena club collects items to give to Veteran’s at the October meeting and Laura McCarthy shared items to try to bring: combs, hairbrushes, toothpaste and brushes, etc. It was decided that this year we want to focus on women who are veterans and to consider appropriate items for them.
Donations of collected items from the community may be dropped off at the Gardner Historical Museum any time now until our next meeting. We would welcome your help in this collection.
Also a reminder, we welcome you to come and check us out if you want to be a part of a club that works to the betterment of the community we are a part of.  We are a part of the Greater Federated Women’s Club which is an International club for women willing to serve through volunteer efforts. The Athena club helps in veteran’s collection, Ronald McDonald House, Safe Home, our Multi-Service Center, and many other service projects.
For more information about the GFWC Athena Club please contact:  Juanita Rothaus, Club President at JROTHAUS@kc.rr.com .