A fuel purchase policy adopted in 2009 utilizing the state’s contract for Wright Express Corporation’s fuel cards continues to save Gardner money, according to information obtained from a Kansas Open Records Act request.
According to information supplied by Doreen Pesek, city clerk, Gardner has purchased 3,642 gallons of unleaded gasoline, 930 gallons of diesel fuel and 196 gallons of off-road diesel year-to-date. Those figures do not include fuel purchases made through Gardner Energy, which has its own fuel cards.
By eliminating an 18 cent per gallon delivery charge, the city has an aggregate savings of about $860 this year.
“Basically we think it (policy) has been wonderful for us,” said David Greene, public works director. Greene said the purchase policy, adopted in June 2009, allowed the city to save money not only in delivery charges but also through decreased maintenance, service and permitting costs for a 5,000 gallon storage tank.
Prior to 2009, the city operated a fueling station, and fuel cost was based on the price at time of delivery, rather than reflecting current pump prices.
According to city records, between Aug. 14 and Sept. 14, the city’s cost for fuel was about $18,000. All purchases were made at Gardner fueling stations and appear to be evenly distributed between stations. About $7,000 of the total, or 38 percent, was used by the public safety department.
As recommended in the 2009 fuel policy, fuel cards are assigned to vehicles and purchases reflect card number, city department, vehicle identification, merchant name, cost fuel type, total cost and amount of exempt tax.