Danedri Thompson
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Gracie Lynn, Gardner, knows how to make an entrance – fashionably early.
Due on Oct. 16, the now, almost two-week-old, arrived in the passenger seat of her parents’ car with her older sister Kayli, 11, and Joshua, 8, in tow on Oct. 1.
Angie Lynn, mom, said Gracie’s delivery in the car on 191st Street and Gardner Road on Oct. 1 was a family event.
“It actually turned out to be an awesome experience,” Angie said.
It was a normal Friday afternoon on Sept. 30 when Angie started having contractions. She picked Kayli and Joshua up from school.
“We went on with the day. As it got to be night, I thought I’d wait until (the contractions) got a little closer together,” Angie said.
The entire family, including husband Robert Lynn, ate dinner at the home of her parents, Mike and Sharolyn Hutton, Gardner. Angie attended soccer practice with Kayli and then returned to pick up Joshua at the Huttons’ home.
“We probably stayed there until about 10 o’clock. We came home and everyone went to bed,” she explained.
Angie didn’t sleep. Instead she sat on the couch and walked around as the strength and frequency of her contractions continued to increase.
“I thought, I don’t want to go to sleep and have to wake up and rush to the hospital, but that’s how it happened anyway,” she said.
By about 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 1, she decided it was time to head to the hospital. The plan was to wake the kids and drop them off with Angie’s parents and then head to Olathe Medical Center.
Angie and Robert’s oldest children were born there.
“With Kayli, my water broke so I knew I needed to go in. With Joshua, my contractions got stronger and I just went in,” she said. “When you get to the hospital, they get you all prepped and ready, and it took eight to 10 hours with both of them. I thought this would be the same.”
They loaded into the family car, with Robert driving, Angie in the passenger seat and the kids in back.
“We left our house and we were driving to my parents’. As we were driving there, I felt a lot of pressure so I told Robert, ‘I don’t think we’re going to make it to my parents’ house. So let’s go to the hospital,’” Angie recalled.
As they changed course to turn down 191st Street, Angie felt even more pressure.
“I knew she was coming,” Angie said.
She told Robert to call an ambulance. He continued toward the hospital.
“While he was on the phone with 9-1-1, I was delivering my daughter in the passenger seat with my kids in the car,” she said.
Weighing 6-pounds and 5 ounces, Gracie was born at 3:06 a.m. on Oct. 1.
“At least, that’s when the dispatcher heard her cry, so that’s the time we have,” Angie said. “It was quite an experience.”
Kayli offered the blanket she was to use on her overnight at Grandma’s to keep Gracie warm while Robert drove to a building that used to house a Gardner Bank branch on Gardner Road. That’s where the now five-some met the ambulance.
“That’s mine and Gracie’s first ambulance ride and hopefully our last,” Angie said.
Gracie remains in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. She’s having some breathing issues, but improving every day.
“For some babies, the transition from the womb to here, it’s harder for them to transition,” Angie explained. “She’s just kind of learning how to do that.”
Angie said the family hopes to welcome her home soon. Having Gracie in the hospital is the difficult part.
“Compared to labor, that was easy,” Angie said. “But she’s in good hands and we hope to have her home soon.”