Think you pay too much in taxes and tired of the welfare cheats who feel entitled?
America’s “entitlement culture” isn’t limited to welfare recipients; it’s extended its reach to a neighborhood near you.
A recent article in The Wall Street Journal indicates nearly half – 46 percent – of Americans don’t pay any income tax, and the majority of those aren’t welfare recipients, they are the working poor, seniors and middle class who qualify for tax exemptions such as the earned income credit.
“About half of the households that pay no income tax do so simply because the standard deductions for tax filers and dependents are large enough to negate taxable earnings,” according to an article by Jonathan Weisman in the Journal.
Nearly a third of Americans making under $59,000 per year are exempt from income taxes, and of the poorest – those earning under $16,800 annually –  more than 93 percent pay no income tax.
The poorest do, however, pay a greater percentage of taxes on gasoline, alcohol, cigarettes and lottery tickets, according to the American Enterprise Institute.
Who are these folks who don’t pay income tax? Might be your neighbor.
The elderly who do not itemize their deductions get a large exemption and may be allowed to exempt a large portion of their Social Security earnings, which eliminates the payment of income taxes, according to the Journal. The second largest group of non-taxable households either qualify for the earned-income credit or their per-child tax credits were large enough to negate their income tax hit.
The earned income credit was enacted under President Ronald Regan to make even low wage job preferable to welfare, and the child care credit was doubled under President George W. Bush in 2001, according to the Journal.
Anyway you look at it, you have nearly half the population supporting the other half.