James Repshire
I’ve considered Shirley Strack a very close friend for more than 15 years.  I attend the church she attends.  Shirley was the high school attendance secretary when my boys were going through high school.  I can say without hesitation, Shirley is one of the classiest individuals I have known in my life.  She has a huge heart for kids and for community.
The Strack family has been a stellar pillar in this community since long before I lived in this community.  They are good, community minded and oriented people.  Bubba Starling is a very fine young man that anyone would be proud to call “son.”  As he went through his high school years at Gardner Edgerton High School and rose to “stardom” level, he continued the tradition of “class” that his family has instilled in him.  He represented his school, himself, and this community with humility and grace.
I understand that newspapers, television news programs, the media in general are about “getting the scoop.”  I understand the prevailing philosophy that exists in journalism reporting in regard to reporting “breaking stories” about celebrities.  I realize the concept of reporting stories that will “get sales.”
In my opinion, the Gardner News would have been more likely to increase it’s sales in this area if they had chosen to do the “classy” thing, which would have been to not run the story about Bubba being cited for underage drinking.