Mark Taylor
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The Johnson County Board of Commissioners on Sept. 29 voted 5-2 to condemn right-of-way along 191st Street between Four Corners and Waverly Roads.
The condemnation follows a December 2009 agreement with the city of Edgerton for road improvements to serve the intermodal logistics park, which is slated to open in late 2013.
Commissioners were told right-of-way aquisition and utility relocations are necessary for the project.
Commissioners Michael Ashcraft and Jason Osterhaus voted against the measure.
Staff said they would continue negotiations with the owners of nine tracts of land during the condemnation process.
“The property owners, in general, believe they are entitled to significantly more than the appraisals would suggest is just compensation,” Hannes Zacharias, county manager, wrote in a memo to commissioners. “While it is possible that an agreement may still be reached with some of the owners, it appears that a condemnation action is inevitable.”
Zacharias added, “All the owners have been notified of the county’s need to move forward with the condemnation process but that we are still receptive to a fair settlement if possible.”
He said the condemnation process usually takes six to eight weeks to complete.