Jared Taylor
Ok, enough of this already. The feud between council member Larry Fotovich and Mayor Dave Drovetta has gone on long enough and seems to have hit rock bottom. With the search for a new administrator now put on hold untill spring, and our cities reputation hitting yet another lowpoint it’s time I think  that these two men do what is best for our city and us as citizens and resign their positions.
It is clear that neither of these men have respect for each other. They openly fight on the people’s dime. They curse in our halls of government, they defame each other openly, they have made city meetings almost unworkable, there have been almost moments of fisticuffs in open city meetings and now they have botched the hiring of the most important official in our city government. These are supposed to be men who represent us; who we can tell our children to respect because of their position. They are neither to me.
Mr. Fotovich’s letter to the editor published in The Gardner News showed tremendous lack of discretion. It also lacked a tremendous amount of respect for the rest of our governing body as well as a lack of respect to the citizens of this community.  His actions alone could very well invite lawsuits. It has and will certainly continue to hurt the reputation of this city. The poor decision by Mr. Fotovich to purge his feelings on the city administrator search literally shut down the process.
But Larry Fotovich doesn’t hold all of the blame. Since his election Dave Drovetta has consistently lacked the leadership and appropriate demeanor to lead our city. As is the case with this administrator search Mr. Drovetta’s lack of commitment and leadership has lead us to this place. I have heard from multiple council members as well as a few members of the community interview board that have suggested this process from the beginning was staged and manipulated. In few words, it was rigged. In and of itself this probably isn’t different from how other cities perform high profile searches but when coupled with a litany of fumbles along the way this has become par for course on how Mr. Drovetta has handled the business of this city. This is only the latest of his failures. Mr. Drovetta handling of this search literally shut down the process.
Greater than any of the above reasons Mr. Fotovich and Mr. Drovetta have embarrassed our community. They have acted irresponsibly in their duty to serve us the citizenry. In their own righteous ideology and unwavering dedication to only themselves they have literally put our already fragile community reputation and sunk it down the drain. We literally had to stop our search to hire our cities top executive because the top candidates cited lack of confidentiality and that the process took too long. Both of these issues can be laid at their feet. These two men have broken our government; they have stalled any progress from our last election and now have shamed our community. We deserve better. I don’t know these men personally; I only know their civic actions. These actions prove to me that they are now incapable of leading this city. Their personal spat has sunk our city to new lows; they have made fools of themselves and us. With whatever civic pride they have left I urge them both to resign immediately for the good of our community and I call on each citizen to do the same.