Danedri Thompson
Kathy Hadley, Gardner, finished her career with the U.S. Post Office on a high note. The now-retired rural mail carrier received Kansas Member of the Year honors at National Rural Letter Carriers banquet in June.
“In August, the union paid for me to go to the national convention in Savannah, Georgia and I received a plaque,” Hadley said.
Hadley started her career with the postal service in 1980 working as a rural mail carrier in Olathe.
Things have changed in the 31 years Hadley ran a rural route.
“When that first started, we had to drive our own vehicles,” she said. “Then the post office decided that it was more equitable for them to provide us with a vehicle instead of paying us mileage.”
For the last 18 years, Hadley could be found driving a little white post office car around her rural Olathe route.
To earn the state Member of the Year Award, Hadley said she did a lot of work for the union and for the post office in addition to her daily route.
Despite questions of the post office’s solvency, Hadley says carriers are still out there working hard everyday, though she retired at the end of July.
“They’re still carrying the mail and trying to give good service to people,” she said.