Annie Kuether
55th Dist. State Rep.
Since taking office, Gov. Brownback has professed an intense dedication to economic recovery.
He has stressed in press conferences, news releases and media interviews that his administration has never taken its ‘eye off the ball of job creation.’
However, if you paid attention to the issues addressed in the 2011 legislative session, you would have had to search long and hard to find any meaningful new measure that actually put a Kansan back to work.
There were, on the other hand, a few investments on the books before Gov. Brownback took office that were creating new jobs.
One such measure was Efficiency Kansas, a program implemented in 2009 that provided Kansas home owners the necessary funds to make efficiency upgrades to their homes. It was not only helping make Kansas homes more energy efficient, it put hundreds of auditors, contractors and everyday Kansans back to work.
The Efficiency Kansas proved how partnerships between the public and the private sector can collaborate to get our economy back on track.  This is why I was disheartened when Gov. Brownback pulled $22 million in federal funding designated for this program, leaving hundreds of Kansas families who applied for the program – and more Kansans who would have benefited from the jobs it created – out in the cold.