Danedri Thompson
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They look like credit or debit cards, but according to Laura Gourley, finance director for the city of Gardner, the more than 70 cards city staff use to make purchases are more of a hybrid than a credit or debit card.
“They’re purchasing cards. We have the ability to reject something like we do a credit card. It doesn’t come directly out of the city’s account like a debit card does,” Jackie Schulz, city accounting clerk, said.
Gourley said the cards are used primarily for convenience. Who receives a card and just how much spending is available per card is up to each department director.
“They’re to purchase a nut or a bolt or a part here and there. Some have pretty small limits,” Gourley said. “We do not pay interest.”
Gourley said because she oversees the city’s IT acquisitions, her purchasing card has a higher limit than most.  Some of the cards, she said, have limits as low as $500.
And those are monthly limits, Schulz explained. Each purchase is audited monthly by accounting staff, and if there are questionable purchases, the city has 20 to 25 days to reject them.
Officials aren’t allowed to break purchases up to circumvent the purchasing policy, Gourley said.
“That’s what the finance department does. We audit. The purchasing cards have to have receipts just like everything else,” she explained. “The cards are subject to internal controls and subject to the budget.”
Gourley said in addition to spending limits set by directors for each card, the rules of the city’s purchasing policy still apply.
For example, directors can spend up to $5,000 without council approval. The city administrator can spend up to $15,000 without prior council approval. If a purchase is less than $1,000, city officials aren’t required to take bids.
”But we always look for the best price,” Gourley said.
The city’s cards are issued by UMB and like many credit cards, offer a cash back incentive. Gourley said the city receives between $2,000 to $3,000 each year through points on the cards.  However, Gourley said, they’re not credit cards.
“It’s not credit and it’s not debit. It’s a purchasing card program,” Gourley said.
Account Name     Credit Limit
Bruce Baldwin     $1000
Doreen Pesek     $1000
Katie Asbury    $2000
Melissa Mundt     $5000
Lisa Wilms         $1000
Mary Bush     $2000
Amy Kynard     $5000
Curtis Altic         $2000
Jim Sherman     $5000
Jacob Dome    $1000
Steven Michael      $1000
Amy Hawkins     $2000
Bill Krawczyk     $5000
Brandon McCollum     $5000
Darrin McNew     $5000
David Francq     $1000
James Johnston      $1000
Janet Hackney      $5000
Alexander Mathew      $5000
Amy Foster     $1000
Deana Scott     $1000
Jacqueline Schulz     $1000
Jamie Loughmiller       $5000
Jeremy Grave     $2000
Joann Eaton    $1000
Karen McCollum     $1000
Laura Gourley     $1000
Brad Crane     $2000
Caleb Hunt     $2000
Jamie Bovitz     $2000
Lanny DW          $2000
Matthew Solorio     $2000
Morgan Lloyd     $1000
Sean Swartz      $5000
Timothy Rodgers     $2000
Forest Strentz     $2000
Harry Krout     $2000
Ilena Spalding     $1000
James Belcher     $2000
James Moore     $3000
Jason Willis     $500
Joseph Atchison     $500
Ken Francis     $1000
Kurt Hollingshead     $2000
Ruth Lundy     $500
Steve Benz     $2000
Celia Duran     $5000
Cindy Weeks     $5000
David M Greene     $5000
Dean Kerr         $5000
Jim Melvin         $5000
Mark Pottinger     $1000
Mike Green     $3000
Rueben Borjas     $2000
Adraina Holopirek     $5000
Angie Borjas     $1000
Cynthia Bettge     $S00
Jason Bruce     $5000
Jeff Stewart     $1000
Matthew McClure     $5000
Bruce Birzer     $5000
Danny Demiyt     $3000
Eric Willard     $3000
Jody Demaline     $5000
Sharon Rose     $5000
Carl Cook         $2000
David Birzer    $1000
James Millholland     $2000
Steve Duke     $2000
Donald Roberts     $3000
Jerry Sicks     $2000
Michael Kessler     $2000
Todd Bauer         $2000
Trevis Scott     $2000
Andrew Holden     $1000
Jarek Maring     $2000