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Pictured are members of the GEHS varsity cheer squad members.  FRONT ROW: Taylor Claybon, Alyssa Mahanke, Ashley Enright, Felicia Carlson, Audreona Bolin.  SECOND ROW: Samantha Lenning, Emily Hermstein, Veronica Mullin, Angelique Meyer, KendylVanderVoort, Michele Deters, Logan Meyer, Kirsten Hutchinson.  THIRD ROW: Jaclyn Cheever-Assistant Coach, Chanel Davis, Nova Melvin, Peighton Jamison, Abby Clabaugh, ToyaWelle, Katie Zahner-Head Coach.  FOURTH ROW: Jacque Buckingham, Baylee Nutt, Michaela Serrioz, Hannah Culbertson, Rebecca Wehmeier, Ashleigh Greer.