Kansas electric cooperatives and Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Kansas are co-sponsoring a high-voltage line safety demonstration in combination with the Kansas State Fair, Sept 12-16. Cooperative linemen from Midwest Energy, Sedgwick County, Lane-Scott, Butler, and Wheatland have volunteered to help spread the message.
Teaching the public to stay safe around power lines is the focus of the electric cooperatives’ message at this year’s fair. The demonstration, which is part of “Kansas’ Largest Classroom,” is a half-hour in length and will incorporate a full-size electric safety demonstration, which is on loan from Midwest Energy.
Journeymen linemen from the electrical cooperatives will demonstrate proper safety precautions and teach viewers what protective gear linemen use and why, what happens to a person when they come into contact with an energized line and why birds can land safely on power lines.
The public demonstration will operate from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is free of charge for all fair attendees. The demonstration will be located in the Beef Judging building, east of the Oz Gallery.
Touchstone Energy and Discovery Channel School “Get Charged” kits will be distributed to teachers who pre-register their 5th–9th grade classes for the demonstration. “Kansas’ Largest Classroom” is a one-of-a-kind educational event that features various items from crafts to agriculture and animals. This program provides teachers with materials like lesson plans and lists of activities to assist with their trip to the Kansas State Fair.
The Kansas State Fair is the largest event in the state and attracts over 350,000 people annually. The fair has approximately 1,000 commercial exhibits and over 30,000 exhibits for competition for attendees to experience.
Formed in 1941 and headquartered in Topeka, KEC represents the interests of and provides needed services and programs to the electric co-ops that serve in Kansas. Today, KEC serves 29 distribution electric cooperatives and three generation and transmission electric cooperatives providing electricity to over 200,000 Kansas households and to approximately 80 percent of the land mass.