Family members from as far away as Maryland, Kentucky and South Carolina attended the Kimball-Bryan family reunion. Submitted photo

Mica Marriott
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The Kimball-Bryan Family Reunion was held Aug. 20 at the Gardner Grange Hall. Family members from all over Kansas and Missouri attended, and also members from Maryland, Kentucky and South Carolina.
Bryan Family members from all over the world are participating in the research of their bloodlines through
Linda Horton recently retired and picked up where her mother Marcia left off with the family ancestry research. Linda said, “Mom died about four years ago, and I decided to take over what Mom had started.”
Horton has done extensive research on who her ancestors were and what they did. Her research has lead her to some new discoveries and also some questions that may only be answered by DNA. One of these questions is about her fifth great-grandfather, whether it is Morgan Bryan or his brother, William Bryan. Oldest sibling of the local Bryan children, Ross, has submitted a cheek swab of his own DNA to resolve and answer this question.
Results from Ross Bryan’s test are not expected  for about three months.
Male DNA can tell what the exact lineage from grandfather, to son, to grandson and so forth is. Female DNA can tell what ancient ethnicities in the family there are, including Spanish, Asian, etc. which can tell what migration took place on the planet to the different continents thousands of years ago.
Linda Horton traveled from Maryland, with her husband and sister, Laurel Horton who currently lives in South Carolina. Linda and Laurel’s mother was Marcia Bryan, sister of local Gardner resident Ludwell Beach Bryan. Ludwell Beach Bryan was married to Annabeth Kimball.
Beach Bryan was an electrical engineer at the Olathe Naval Air Station for 13 years. Annabeth owned and operated Gardner Floral from 1966 to 1973, she was also a member of the Gardner Grange, Athena Club and Rebekah Lodge.  Annabeth also worked at Meadowbrook Hospital and the Gardner Johnson County Library. The Bryan family has lived in Gardner for many years. Beach and Annabeth (Kimball) Bryan were active members of the First Presbyterian Church of Gardner. The Bryans raised four sons, Ross, Kimball, Lowell and David, and also one daughter, Ardis, who currently lives in Salina, Kan.
Beach Bryan passed away in 1964 at the age of 51. Annabeth passed away in 1997 at the age of 81. Their son, Lowell Bryan died in an automobile accident in 1971.
Ross, Kimball and David Bryan still live in Gardner, and all three sons have made their residences within a mile of their childhood home near Gardner Lake.
The Bryan family’s ancestors include Rebecca Bryan, Daniel Boone’s wife, James Wilson of Pennsylvania, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and later a U.S. Supreme Court justice, Dr. Thomas Bryan, a surgeon during the Revolutionary War, and his grandson Milton Bryan, famous trader during the 1820s along the Santa Fe Trail and founder of Wathena, Kan.
Ross Bryan’s cousin, and family genealogist, Linda Horton said, “We (people) like to think we matter on this earth. I think Americans were bred to be feisty, adventurous people, because of our American ancestors. Throughout our family tree we have people who thought outside of the box and did some courageous things. I have so much admiration for our ancestors.”
The largest databank in the world of DNA genetic research is in Houston, Texas.