Nick Gunkel
Club reporter
The monthly meeting of the Great Plains 4-H club was held on Aug. 11, at the Gardner library.
The meeting was held at the Gardner library because it was the week of the Johnson County Fair, which is held onthe fairgrounds in Gardner.
This meeting included friends that were interested in joining the 4-H club, and we had 5 newfamilies come to consider our club.  During the meeting, we voted on leadership positions, from president to reporter.
The new president of Great Plains 4-H club is Joshua Gregory, the Vice president is Nick Gunkel, the second vice president is Zach Nason, the  treasurer is Chris Eflin, and the secretary is Abby Gunkel. Junior leaders were also elected and their new positions begin with thenew 4-H year in September.  Anna Hester demonstrated a lesson on parliamentarian procedure using the ingredients thatwould go into a snack mix.  After the meeting, the club member and families walked to the fairgrounds where a projecttour was held. The club members showed the projects they we had entered in the fair and the ribbon placement they earned on their projects to their fellow club members.