Question: How successful was the recent school supply collection for Joplin and Reading tornado victims?

Answer: As of August 11 the city of Gardner had donated 91 according to Margaret Drovetta the school supply collection that was held in Gardner went well.  Drovetta, along with Peggy Mann, spearheaded the “Shoppin’ for Joplin” campaign that started one month after the devastating tornado in Joplin.  Collection boxes were located at Walmart, Price Chopper and Walgreens in Gardner.  Additionally 11 boxes of supplies were donated by Olathe Walgreens locations. On Aug. 6 Drovetta went to Joplin and dropped off two carloads of supplies to Joplin.  The Joplin School District had requested a flat screen TV and Drovetta saw to it that one was purchased for them.  On Aug. 16 Drovetta traveled to Reading with school supplies for all 74 children enrolled in the district.