Joan Taylor
Guest Columnist
An interesting thing happened on Facebook this week. If you are familiar with Facebook you know it is a social media site that brings friends and family together. Not much happens on the site in the summer, people have other interests and are busy doing “stuff”. A woman, who was the daughter of   possibly Gardner’s first city clerk, invited people to remember stories of growing up here.
It was a slow start, and then like a snowball rolling down hill, the stories started to appear. People who never comment or make their presence known commented. Stories were shared. People who never would have spoken in the hallowed halls remembered-together. Class lines were crossed, new friends were made. Old loves and losses were relived. The best part was everyone played nice. No one made rude comments or spoke badly about anyone.
There are now 296 people who have “liked” this site. It is an open group. If you don’t want to comment you can just read. Questions are answered, people who have passed are remembered. Places in town that have been torn down or closed are still alive in memories. I am sure that if you see someone in a local store that has commented you will stop and speak to them. New bonds have been made.
The site is called “If you grew up or live in Gardner,Ks., you remember.” Once you get there on Facebook, “like” it and you will be able to add all your comments. You can also add your friends so they can find the page.
I want to thank Peggy Mcconnell-Gigax for making all these memories possible. She is the daughter of Russ and Margaret Mcconnell. She brought so many of us together for a laugh and a story. You have made this summer very worthwhile.