Anna Jones and Nick Gunkel, reporters
Community Service is a great part of a 4-H club member’s growth within their club.  Club members, enrolled in different projects, and holding different offices within the club, find ways to combine their leadership and learning with giving back. The Great Plains 4-H Club from Shawnee, was very active in their community this year, and discovered many ways to incorporate their projects in helping out their community.
The Johnson County Extension Education Foundation held a dinner and silent auction to raise funds to support 4-H clubs and educational programs in the community.  Igloo coolers were donated and the 4-H clubs were challenged to fill one for the fund-raiser.  Great Plains members took the challenge and filled their cooler with home baked goods and decorated their cooler in fall themes.  The silent auction and dinner raised $6,000 for the 4-H scholarship programs and educational programs in the community.
The Great Plains quilting class visited Shawnee Mission Medical Center in February, and donated nine baby quilts they made for the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The quilting class met November through January, and made three projects including the donated quilts. Their projects ranged from a pumpkin wall hanging, a pillowcase with a quilted band and the nine baby quilts. The class learned what a quilt is, and used pre-cut fabrics to learn and piece five beginner quilt blocks.  They held an old fashioned quilting bee to construct the tops and quilt them by tying, machine quilting, and long-arm machine quilting techniques. There were nine children in the class, ranging in age from 9 to 16. Each made and donated a baby quilt for the hospital.  Tina Moore-Yamron gave the group a tour of the NICU and told how the babies were cared for.
The March 4-H club meeting was held at Lenexa Sunrise Elderly Care Center.  The club had musical, vocal and theatrical presentations for the resident’s enjoyment.  The 4-H Clover Buds (7-year-old and younger club members) gave the residents cards they made at a previous meeting, along with small trinkets at the end of the presentation.
In February, the Great Plains 4-H Reading Group went to Freedom Fire Urban Ministries, a Christian Youth Ministry in Downtown Kansas City to give books that the Great Plains 4-H group donated in a club-wide book drive.
The group collected more than 150 books, which were then taken to Freedom Fire. The Reading Group then sat in on activities, which included basketball,free reading time, and nail-painting.
Along with helping out their community, The Great Plains 4-H Club was also looking for a little fun. While still incorporating some of the projects they were participating in, Great Plains found some fun things to do together.
Over the months of February and March, 16 members of the Great Plains 4-H club attended a woodworking project workshop. The class made two projects from pine wood and before each class there was a short lesson which included safety while working with power tools, different types of woods and their purposes, and finishes, and the history of the pine wood derby.  Projects included a pine wood derby car and a piggy bank.  After they finished making the cars, they raced them in a Pinewood Derby hosted on April 9 by a local AWANA’s club at Shawnee Bible Church.
In January, the Reading Group from the Great Plains 4-H Group had the opportunity to tour the Central Resources Library which is the main library in the Johnson County Library System.
The group received a tour of the entire library, and then learned about checking out e-books and e-audiobooks through the library, so that they can be played from an MP3 player, or an e-reader. The group also saw the sorting system that the library uses to sort and shelve the books that are returned to the library.
In January, the Food Fare took place at the county extension offices. Around 50 club members came to learn about making different breakfast foods. The members went around to stations that presented how to make different breakfast foods.  Along with learning how to make various breakfast foods, many of the children made their own breakfast foods at home and brought them in for judging.  After plenty of food was devoured, they stayed to watch two keynote speakers. The first speaker was Sharolyn Jackson, who came from K-State to teach about quick breads. She had muffins made with whole wheat flour for each of the members to taste. Then Sue Pio spoke about different dishes that can be made from eggs. She proceeded to make breakfast burritos for everyone to try. In February, the Great
See GREAT PLAINS, page 10
From ****, page *Plains 4-H Reading Group went on a tour of the Kansas City Star Building. The group not only saw the machines that print the newspapers, but they learned about the different steps it takes to get your newspaper to your doorstep every morning. The group also learned the history of the Kansas City Star and how it became Kansas City’s major newspaper.
In March, the Great Plains 4-H Club held its annual Roller Skating Party. Adults and children from the club enjoyed music, food, skating, and video games at Skate World in Shawnee, Kansas.
The Great Plains 4-H Club had a very active year, both with interacting with their community, and just having fun with projects that everyone participated in. Everyone learned a lot from the tours, book clubs, and science days that were held, and along with that everyone just had a good time. Club members took charge and held officer roles and now they are preparing to do their best at the Johnson County Fair this August.