Karl Burg, reporter
Our club is in its sixteenth year and is going strong!  We are a community club that has members in so many different projects, such as: Rocketry, Ceramics, Foods and Nutrition, Sewing, Arts and Crafts, Leadership and Woodworking.  We also do a lot of community service throughout the year.  Our members collected and wrapped many early reader books that we gave to kids who may not be able to buy books.  This was our Birthday Book project.  We also ring bells for the Salvation Army in the fall, we visit a nursing home during the summer, read to preschoolers at the Salvation Army Preschool during the summer months, and collect donations for food pantries, women’s shelters and animal shelters throughout the year.
Members of the Country Hearts 4-H Club learn a lot during the year.  Some kids learn to cook new and interesting foods and meals, while others work with their dogs to teach them obedience and showmanship.  Several members construct rockets, then launch and paint them for the fair, while others sew outfits or knit and crochet items for family and friends.
We also have many fun activities throughout the year.  We played games and had a small gift exchange during our December meeting, and held a family game day in March where everyone played board or card games and enjoyed yummy treats made by the members.  In April, we had a joint meeting with the Morning Glory 4-H Club, which let members from both groups get to know each other a little better.
On June 24, the older members organized a Day Camp for the younger members of the club. They celebrated Kansas’ 150th birthday by making butter, playing Kansas Bingo, and by learning how to decorate cakes.  Our final club activity before the fair was a club tour in July, where the members and their families went swimming, had a picnic, and shared the items they are going to display at the County Fair.
Country Hearts is a great 4-H Club with members of all ages! Come find all the awesome things we made that are on display in the Green Building during the fair.