Dave Drovetta
Mayor, city of Gardner
Once again we find ourselves preparing for Fair Week.  Seem like summer just began, but fair week was always the signal that school would begin soon and summer was coming to a close.
I remember moving to Gardner in June of 1987.  Our first summer here included the fair and the parade as has every summer since.  As our children grew, they became involved in 4H and our fair week experience began to grow as well.  We became participants not just on lookers.
Each night held a different activity and a different food category but funnel cake was a requirement sometime during the week.  Bracelet night meant an evening on the rides and as the kids grew they would head off with their friends for the carnival leaving mom and dad spend the evening looking at entries or visiting with friends.
Everyone should experience the fair.  It’s part of our history.  It is a great opportunity for the 4-H’ers to display their hard work whether it be with livestock, crafts, dogs, woodworking or even smoking hams.   Its also fun to check out all the open class entries to see how your friends and neighbors have been spending their time.  It’s a good place to run into friends and of course the funnel cakes.
I wish each of you a great fair experience this year and I hope to see you there.