You can make a difference.
Government entities are in the midst of determining next year’s budgets.
If you want your city, school district, township or county to hold the line on spending; now’s the time to contact your elected officials and make your voice heard.
Public hearings must be held prior to budget approval, and date and time of those hearings must be published, as do the entities’ budgets.
Too often, taxpayers are overwhelmed by the sheer size of proposed budgets – reams of papers with multitudes of decimals and dollar signs as well as staff and consultant recommendations.
But it’s your money.
It’s easy to backseat drive.
To sit in your armchair and say, “they’ll do what they want anyway.”
And that does happen.
But it’s less likely to happen if you voice your thoughts and encourage others to do the same.
You have to balance your checkbook and live within your means.
Why would you expect less of those who spend your hard earned tax money?
Most officials can be reached by phone or e-mail. The information can easily be obtained on websites, or is printed on this newspaper’s editorial page.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Taxpayers usually can’t afford lobbyists, but if enough people stand up, elected officials can be held accountable.