One of the best things that you and your kids can do when you grow your own organic vegetables is to look into creating a theme for your garden. There are many different options that you can use when you create a vegetable garden theme. These range from color themes to ones inspired by different countries.
The first thing to do when you create a vegetable garden theme is to determine what things are of the greatest interest to you and your kids. If you have a favorite color that you share with your kids you should look into creating a garden that is themed around that color. For instance, if red is a popular color you should look to plant a vegetable garden with tomatoes and red peppers.
Next you should look into the types of foods that you enjoy. It will be especially important to consider foods that your kids enjoy so that they will be more willing to help out with your vegetable garden. If your kids like pizza you should look into growing tomatoes and herbs. If your kids enjoy Asian foods then maybe it could be best to look into growing plants in your vegetable garden that are common in Asian dishes like broccoli or mushrooms. There are many other vegetables to choose from though. You should visit http://www.mumsgrowyourownorganic for details.
Next when you create a vegetable garden theme you should look into what you and your kids like to do around or near a garden. If relaxing is an answer you should look to create a vegetable garden theme that deals with relaxation in mind. Adding a walkway through the middle of the garden or a bench near an edge of the garden can be useful. This will all need to be done with the spacing of these items from the plants in mind.
The last part of your garden theme deals with the placement of your materials. Some themes can include areas that deal with plants of different sizes while some can feature areas that use plants of different colors. For details on various different parts of vegetables you can use for themes visit http://www.mumsgrowyourownorganic