AN ORDINANCE CHANGING THE ZONING CLASSIFICATIONS OR DISTRICTS OF CERTAIN LANDS LOCATED IN THE CITY OF GARDNER, KANSAS, UNDER THE AUTHORITY GRANTED BY THE GARDNER, KANSAS, ZONING ORDINANCE; (Z-11-02). Be it ordained by the Governing Body of the City of Gardner, Kansas: SECTION ONE: That having received a recommendation from the Planning Commission on June 28, 2011, and proper notice having been given and hearing held as provided by law and under the authority of and subject to the provisions of the Gardner, Kansas, Zoning Ordinance, the zoning classification or districts of the lands legally described hereby are changed as follows: The following described properties shall hereafter have a zoning classification of C-2 (General Business District). CASE NO. Z-11-02 Rezoning from M-1 (Restricted Industrial District) to C-2 (General Business District). Legal Description: Lot 1, New Century Business Center Addition No. 1, in the City of Gardner, Johnson County, Kansas. SECTION TWO: That upon the taking effect of this Ordinance, the above zoning changes shall be incorporated and shown on the Zoning District Map previously adopted by reference, and said Zoning District Map is hereby reincorporated as a part of the Zoning Ordinance as amended. SECTION THREE: That this Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its adoption by the City Council and publication in the official City Newspaper. SECTION FOUR: That this area lies within the Airport Interest Area, and pursuant to K.S.A. 3-307e, the rezoning must have the approval of the Board of County Commissioners of Johnson County, Kansas. PASSED and APPROVED this 18