Six balloons participate in night glow at the Great Midwest Balloon Festival last weekend. Photo submitted by Chris Moretina

Amy Cunningham
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While only a handful of balloons actually got off the ground at the Great Midwest Balloon Festival held at the Great Mall of the Great Plains July 8 – 10, many more were on hand to fascinate and wow the crowds of people who poured into the area to view the hot air marvels.
“Due to wind conditions we only had about four balloons that were able to go up,” explained Laura Rose of the Great Midwest Balloon Festival.
“Some of the more experienced pilots were able to get up – they participated in competitions, which are what the pilots like to do.”
Visitors to the festival were still treated to night glow, where balloonists, tethered to the ground, fill their balloons with air and light up for viewers to admire.
Photo courtesy of Chris Moretina at Chris Moretina Photography.
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