Mark Taylor
[email protected]
The Gardner Edgerton School District and Teachers Association have reached a contract agreement that includes no pay raise for teachers in 2011-12.
Certified, classified and administrative staff will forego salary increases this year, and there will be no advancement for experience level on the salary schedule.
The district’s salary range for teachers will be $38,610 (for a first year teacher with a bachelor’s degree) to $69,325 (for a teacher with 29 years experience and a doctoral degree).
“Unfortunately, with the continued restrictions in state aid, we were not able to provide (pay) increases even given the incredible track record of academic achievements through the efforts of the entire staff,” said Ron Ragan, who negotiated on behalf of the school board. “It was disappointing to the entire board that we were not in a position to award those who truly deserved to be awarded.”
Thane Nonamaker, chief negotiator for the teachers, said, “Under the current economic situation (the contract) is probably the best we could ask for.
“Obviously everyone would have liked to have a pay raise, but the funding is just not available to do that right now.”
Negotiations started in early April and wrapped up the week before Memorial Day.
Nonamaker said 94 percent of teachers association members voted in favor of the contract.
The new contract also includes three days of bereavement leave for deaths in teachers’ immediate families.