A study by business news channel CNBC released this week ranks Kansas number 11 in a report on Top States for Business.
“The study shows we are competitive in a broad range of categories,” Kansas Economic Progress Council Executive Director Bernie Koch said. “We do particularly well against states that do not have an income tax, which was an issue in the Kansas Legislature during the 2011 session.
“KEPC believes this study is more instructive than studies that focus narrowly on taxes. Workforce, education, transportation, infrastructure, and technology and innovation are significant factors in economic growth.”
The 10 categories ranked in the study were: Cost of doing business, workforce, quality of life, Economy, Transportation and infrastructure, technology and innovation, education, business friendliness, access to capital, and cost of living.
Koch noted that Kansas got high marks for workforce, business friendliness, and cost of living .
He noted that the only state without an income tax that ranked ahead of Kansas was Texas, which was ranked number two behind Virginia.
Texas ranked second based on high rankings in infrastructure and transportation, technology and innovation, access to capital, and cost of living.
Koch said, “Interestingly, Texas was ranked 33 in ‘cost of doing business,’ a category that includes tax burden, including individual income and property taxes, as well as business taxes. Kansas actually beat Texas in this category, ranking number 27.
“This is not surprising. The Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, a 50-year-old well respected non-partisan organization, says 61 percent of Texas’ state and local taxes are paid by business,” Koch said.
Koch noted the organization says, “Texas reliance on sales and property taxes heavily ties our tax system to the production and sale of ‘goods,’ placing a high tax burden on capital-intensive businesses.”
The rankings are available on the Internet at: http://www.cnbc.com/id/41666602/
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