Mike Kiegerl
43rd District State Rep.
Home again
We returned from our annual family vacation Wednesday morning. We rented a houseboat on Lake Powell and enjoyed the great weather and the unique, magnificent scenery. The grandkids had a blast. We also had a speedboat for water skiing and a WaveRunner to explore the many caves (lots of bats). By the campfire at night we told ghost stories and roasted marshmallows. I got to read a lot and did a little writing; all in all a wonderful experience even though I rediscovered I’m not necessarily an outdoors type.
I came home to 381 of them… Please give me a few days to work through them. My usual policy of responding within 48 hours has to be suspended. Remember I don’t have a secretary in the summer and I type using the one finger method. Therefore, please be patient.  If you have an urgent request, don’t hesitate to call me (913) 764-3291.
Bye-bye, AOL
My new E-mail address is kiegerl_@att.net (all lower case). I’m abandoning AOL after many years because of the management decision to buy Arianna and the Huffington Post for $310 million.  This, after the disastrous ill fated merger with Time Warner.
I don’t hold their stock and could care less about a financial blunder, but she is now in charge of AOL news and I don’t have to pay to read the extreme left wing drivel she prints in her publication.
As a reminder, do not use my official Topeka e-mail I might not get it until January.
It’s a small world after all
When we were on a lunch break during the wrap up session, I ate with several colleagues and left my iphone in the restaurant. Frantically trying to find it (with all my contacts and personal applications) I retraced my steps; no luck. The lobbyist for AT&T made a couple of calls and located the phone in a private residence and gave me the address (there is a GPS chip in each phone).
The man who picked up my phone was quite surprised to have a Capitol police officer (who was kind enough to retrieve it for me) show up at his home.  He never came to his front door but send a little girl to give up my phone.
It is not the Autobahn
…which has no speed limit at all, but the limit for major highways in Kansas will go to 75 mph on July 1. Driving back from  Arizona I noted that Colorado has the higher limit. Western Kansas has very little traffic and increasing how fast you can go makes sense. Glad I voted for it.
It is political season
Even though the next election is not until November 2012, I’m sure you, too get some surveys, appeals for endorsement and support in your daily mail as candidates for local, state and federal office seek your help.
My candidate for the presidency has not announced yet but I will support whoever gains the Republican nomination; we need a new administration in Washington.
If gas prices remain near $4 a gallon and unemployment remains at 9 percent we have the chance to pick up control of the Senate and the presidency and restore fiscal sanity.
Time will tell.