Last we checked, smoking was still legal in Kansas.
Tobacco products are legally sold, and the state collects taxes.
But if you want to work for the state – The Kansas Turnpike Authority – you won’t be considered for the job if you or your spouse smokes, at least according to a help wanted ad on the KTA’s website, posted June 24 for a part-time toll collector.
The site’s advertisement clearly states that if you smoke, or your spouse uses tobacco products, you will not be considered for employment.
Enquiring minds want to know:
What if it’s not your spouse, but a baby daddy or baby mama – does that make a difference?
Why stop at a spouse?
Why not if your parents smoke, or your neighbors?
We know, we’re stretching to make a point,
But the point is, this ad is reaching, and borders on being discriminatory.
Yes, smoking is culturally frowned upon, and it’s a health hazard.
The state legislature banned smoking on all public property – except state owned casinos – as well as private business property.
So we could understand if the KTA doesn’t allow smoking on state-owned property where state-run gambling isn’t permitted.
And a concern for higher health premiums would also be an issue.
But this part-time job offers no benefits. Just $12.57 per hour on a virtually on-call basis. Eight hour shifts aren’t even guaranteed, nor vacation or sick leave.
So we’re left to wonder, if the KTA discriminates against tobacco users, and their spouses, what, or who, is next?
Maybe they can copy old airline policy and only hire females of a certain height and weight (but not if they have ugly spouses)?
Maybe the state could set up separate drinking fountains and bathrooms for those who use tobacco and those who don’t.
Seems a bit schizophrenic to collect taxes and tolls but relegate tobacco users, and their families, to a second class status.
But then we also wonder at the web site’s caricature of a happy cell phone, telling us to TEXT KTA for questons about road hazards, blockages or weather conditions.
Does this mean you can’t get a ticket for texting if it’s to the KTA?
Try telling that to the highway patrol.