Amy Cunningham
In his seven short years, Kade Meyer made quite an impression on his classmates at Madison Elementary School. That’s why Girl Scout Troop 3140 plans to honor the student’s memory by planting a tree in his honor at the school this coming Saturday.
Meyer was struck and killed by an SUV while leaving school in early September.

Kade Meyer

“The girls were trying to come up with a (service) project that needed to be done,” said troop leaded Becky Savage whose daughter attended school with Meyer. She said because of the relationship that many of the troop members had with Meyer, something geared towards remembering him seemed appropriate.
“We needed to have some sort of memorial at the school for him. We wanted to have some way to allow the children to see (the tree) as a memory of Kade on a daily basis, something they could look at and say, ‘hey, this is the tree we planted in memory of our friend and classmate’ and the girls can look at it as it grows and changes through the years.”
Savage said that in the fall, when the weather is more forgiving, her troop plans to plant other flowers near the tree to make the site look even more special. She said the group will maintain the area as a way to honor their classmate.
“The ultimate goal is to have a nice place for students to remember Kade,” Savage explained.
Meyer’s mother Stormy Meyer is not surprised that her son impacted so many young lives. She said the outgoing boy enjoyed lots of friends and was a true leader to his classmates, winning a Compassion Award from his first grade teacher.
Meyer also said that since his death she has received letters from his classmates’ parents indicating that Kade was kind, thoughtful and inclusive to all students – the family learned about one introverted child that Kade took under his wing. Kade enjoyed playing with that shy student and helped to bring him out of his shell.
“He had a lot of compassion towards the students in his class,” Stormy said.
The tree planting ceremony, hosted by Girl Scout Troop 3140 will take place at Madison Elementary School on the north side of the building on Saturday, June 18 at 1 p.m. Community members are invited to attend.