The decision before local sports hero Bubba Starling should be an easy one as he stands on the precipice of a multi-million dollar baseball contract.
But we don’t envy the decision before the young standout and his family. It’s easy for the objective observer to say, take the money. There’s also a risk of injury in college football that could damage an athlete’s future career opportunities. College will always be an option in the future.
But forgoing college to play in the big leagues also seems like an abandonment of youth. And that would be difficult. As Starling’s former high school friends prepare to embark on the journeys of college and building a future, they’ll face the great unknown. There’s mystery and drama in that path and loads of personal growth as they leave home, struggle to live on rice and beans while determining what they want to be when they grow up.
They are rights of passage we would’ve been reluctant to give up.
For now, we hope Starling spends the summer doing what most recent high school grad are – hanging with his high school friends, who will soon enough be flung around the state and country and enjoying the sunshine.
By all accounts, Starling is a great kid who comes from a nice family – a true local hero who offers his time and skills to help others.
We feel blessed that he’s been a part of this community, and we’ll feel even more fortunate if he one day wears the KC Royal blue.
We have no doubt that whatever he decides he’ll continue to do those things and make this community proud.