So who’s fired up about the “new pool” mess up? By the conversations I’ve had and overheard at baseball games, Fantastic Sams and neighborhood gatherings a good majority of paying pool members are upset over the apparent paint fiasco. If you aren’t pool members and haven’t heard there was an issue with the new paint that the new section of the Aquatic Center received this year prior to opening that caused the “new pool” to be closed for safety.
I don’t care who screwed up. The pool is a taxpayer funded amenity. Even if you don’t own a pool pass you are paying for the pool through a special tax. The pool pass that allows you to swim costs $140 some odd dollars. With the ridiculously shortened hours of the pool (1pm to 8pm) you really have to spend a lot of time there it get your money’s worth. To say that the good portion of the pool being closed is an inconvience is putting it lightly. It’s kind of crappy. In my opinion, members of the pool should get a refund, pro-rated refund or some sort of voucher for the time that has been shut down. 
If you buy a game to the Royals and it rains you get a ticket voucher for another home game. If you eat bad sushi on your Delta flight and spend the 6 hour flight in the bathroom they give a flight voucher. Good customer service dictates you recieve some in kind compensation for an avoidable mistake.
I wrote a letter to Mayor Drovetta and council members Chris Morrow and Larry Fotovich asking for some reprieve. The response I received from Mayor Drovetta was insulting and un-symphathetic (In fairness don’t think he mean’t it to be that way it just came off that way).  The Mayor replied to my email with “For those individuals with passes who inquired we offered to cancel their pass and provide a full refund.” To me this smacks at beligerance and a general attitude of “you’ll take what we give you”. Most people want to have a pool pass they don’t want to cancel it. They just want value as well. They don’t want a full refund, they want customer service. To request some compensation for goods not delivered is fair and should not met with an attitude of disrespect. I received a more sympathetic follow up by Mr. Fotovich who stated that “A pro-rata refund is in order”. Mr. Morrow hadn’t responded at the writing of this blog piece.
In the grand scheme of things this isn’t that big of a deal however, by all accounts it matters to most of the residents of Gardner. Despite the City saying discounted daily admissions are being offered there are reports to the contrary. The pool is a community place, built by tax payers and funded by pool pass owners. All we want is a “we’re really sorry” and then throw us a bone. We deserve it, we pay for it!