Danedri Thompson
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The Allen Group has its first tenant in its yet-to-be-constructed logistics park adjacent to the BNSF intermodal site near Edgerton.
The DeLong Co., an exporter of containerized grain, closed on the purchase of an 8.7 acre site last Friday.
“We’re excited to be a part of the new development with BNSF and The Allen Group – even though it’s still a year and a half out,” said David DeLong, President of the DeLong Co.
The opening of the DeLong Co.’s export facility will coincide with the opening of BNSF’s Kansas City Logistics Hub in 2012.
DeLong said the warehouse will be positioned near the entrance of the intermodal facility.
Bob Liss, Vice President of the Allen Group’s Supply Chain, said the DeLong Company’s location could help improve the supply chain efficiency of importers that locate at the Edgerton site.
“Large importers that locate at (the logistics park) will be able to enter into reloading agreement with the DeLong Co.,” Liss said.
Mike Press, interim Edgerton city administrator, said Edgerton has a plan to get water and wastewater utilities to the site.
However, many of those infrastructure upgrades will not occur until certain building triggers in the Intermodal agreement between the city, The Allen Group and BNSF take effect. In the meantime, for example, the facility’s wastewater needs will be met by holding tanks.
“You have to look at the plan to see all the specifics about what triggers come into play,” Press said. “The initial water and wastewater plan will obviously be met according to the agreement we signed.”
City, railroad and development officials are in the process of meeting with incoming city administrator Beth Linn, who is set to take the helm of the city early next month.
“This is going to be a long-term process,” Press said. “The building is not going to be built tomorrow. There’s plenty of time for Beth to get caught up.”
Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor, said the city has received significant assistance from the county and the state of Kansas to create infrastructure in the area.
“The Logistics Park Kansas City and Kansas City Intermodal Facility projects have been described as the most significant new economic development projects in the state of Kansas in the last 40 years,” he said.