Ordinance No. 2363. An ordinance amending Title 5 – Business Licenses and Regulations, Chapter 5.20 – Alcoholic Liquor and Cereal Malt Beverages, Section 040 – Consumption on public property of the code of the City of Gardner, Kansas, 1990 regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages on city owned public property. Be it ordained by the governing body of the City of Gardner, Kansas: SECTION ONE:  The Governing Body now deems it advisable to amend Chapter 3, Section 104 of the Code of the City of Gardner, Kansas, 1990 to read as follows: 3-104 Consumption On Public Property.  No person shall drink or consume, or have in their possession any open bottle or can or container of any alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage on City owned public property.  However, this prohibition shall not apply to the Gardner Municipal Golf Course nor to the Gardner Lake Dam Park when properly leased for an event.  This prohibition shall also not apply to the Festival on the Trails event and to special events at Celebration Park where a permit is approved by the City Council and issued by the City Clerk for a specific location and time period.  An off premises cereal malt beverage license will be required.  Any person violating the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $200.00. SECTION TWO:  All ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby amended to conform hereto.  SECTION THREE: This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage approval and publication as provided by law. Passed and approved by the Governing Body on this 7th day of March 2011. City of Gardner, Kansas  (SEAL)  David C. Drovetta, Mayor  Attest: Doreen K. Pesek, City Clerk