The Spring Hill High School Art Department was crowned champions at the Frontier League competition in Ottawa on May 4.  With 14 of 25 works of art receiving recognition, SHHS won with 185 points.  They were followed by second place De Soto with 150 points.
The SHHS team won three of four Best of Show awards given by the judges. The Sidewalk Chalk team also won first place. The team was undefeated this year, as it also won the Highland Community College Art Day competition where more than 30 high schools from all over the state participated.  In the league contest, SHHS also won the Sculpture Contest and came in second in the Blind Fold Throwing Contest.
Only 10 students were allowed to participate due to league rules. These included: Anna King, Gustavo Delgadillo, Rose Ellis, Christi MacNicol, Lauren Biggs, Natalie Stiles, Luke Stevens, Sydney Goldman, Regina Ridgway and Michaela Gustafson.
A few of the individual honors include Anna King winning two Best of Show honors for a drawing and a painting. In addition, Gustavo Delgadillo won a Best of Show with his computer graphics print.
Artwork is on display in the high school display cabinets until May 13.