Osama bin Laden is dead, but the war on terror he unleashed still lives.
The very evening President Obama announced to the world that America’s most wanted terrorist was dead, the fight continued.
It was with very mixed emotions that we viewed the monumental May 1 news.
To celebrate the death of any human being damages us as a people, but we understood those who took to the street with chants of “U.S.A. U.S.A.!”
We’re glad he’s dead, too, because we see no easier option for the psyche of the American people. The families of bin Laden’s victims shouldn’t have to relive the nightmare of Sept. 11 as he was tried in a military court. And we have no doubt the end result would be the same as it was on May 1 – bin Laden would’ve been found guilty and sentenced to die for his crimes. Only under such a scenario, much more pain would’ve been caused in the process.
The horrors bin Laden visited upon this country can never be remedied. The deaths of thousands of innocent victims and the countless American soldiers who lost their lives between Sept. 11 and can never be restored. We hope bin Laden’s death gives them a sense of closure and release.
Bin Laden’s death isn’t a victory. It’s justice. And a peaceful people should always demand justice.
We also feel a sense of trepidation about what is to come. Bin Laden’s death likely stoked the fires of his most fervent followers, who even today, are probably plotting revenge. In bin Laden’s absence, another crazy will likely spring up to replace him. And Al Qaida certainly lives on as well.
We worry about the safety of our troops, and pray for their quick return. And in the meantime, we hope all Americans will be vigilant.
The War on Terror isn’t over, but we’re hopeful bin Laden’s death will be the beginning of the end.