Parents in Spring Hill for more than a dozen years have organized and provided an After Prom party for the community’s students attending prom. It has been successful, and has become an expected event. This year, parents in the Gardner Edgerton School District are doing the same.
GE has also organized and provided a Project Graduation Party the past several years for the district’s graduating seniors. It also has been successful, and has become an anticipated event.
Both events are designed for one thing: To keep students safe after highly celebrated events, the prom and graduation.
Statistically throughout the nation, graduation and prom nights are two of the most deadly for students because of drinking and driving, and/or substance abuse and driving. National statistics indicate graduation night is the most dangerous for students. It is followed closely by prom night.
Some students drink before, sometimes during, and after these events. That is a fact, and to think or say otherwise is avoiding the problem. Young people feel invincible, they feel rebellious, and, for a variety of reasons, often do things they normally would not do and make choices they normally would not make.
While most might get away with making those immature and innocent choices, it just takes one person, one time to suffer the consequences of that bad decision. And that choice could result in a tragic and deadly outcome.
That’s why we salute the efforts of the parents and the support of businesses and individuals in Spring Hill and Gardner Edgerton area for providing safe and controlled parties to students after their prom and graduation events.
These parties do not come cheaply nor without many hours of volunteer work by parents and students. On average, it takes between $10,000 and $15,000 to provide an After Prom or a Project Graduation party. Fund-raisers take place yearly. Businesses are asked to donate either money or gifts.
Both communities are helping to keep their youth safe on two of the most dangerous nights of their school careers.