Amy Cunningham
The city of Edgerton has announced upcoming road closures related to the construction of the BNSF Intermodal Facility.
On Tuesday, Edgerton City Superintendent Mike Mabrey released a statement notifying the public of the city’s intent to close 183rd Street between U.S. 56 Highway and Waverly Road; Four Corners Road between U.S. 56 Highway and 191st Street;  and 191st Street between U.S. 56 Highway and Four Corners Road. The changes will take effect April 15.
According to Mabrey, two of the three closures are permanent and will be turned over to BNSF.
Both 183rd and 191st Streets are slated to close, however Maybrey said he expected Edgerton to retain the rights to Four Corners Road to use in the future.
“(183rd and 191st Streets) have been vacated, they will not be roads again because the property doesn’t belong to the city, it belongs to the property owner – now that is BNSF.  They’re not for through traffic and they will be completely taken out,” Mabrey stated.
Currently there is not a planned detour for navigating around the area, but Edgerton crews will be placing road closure signs in the next week so that residents can begin to plan an alternate route.
“These closures were planned from the beginning but they’re just now taking effect now that construction has started,” Mabrey explained. He said that BNSF has conducted work in the area for the past two weeks.  Crews have worked cutting trees and grading along 191st Street and U.S. 56 Highway in the Mildale Park area.
In 2009 the Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted to spend nearly $14 million to make improvements to 191st Street for the Intermodal project. The improvement agreements were reliant on BNSF moving forward with development on the hub.