Amy Cunningham
The curtain will rise this Friday night on the Spring Hill High School Spring play “Curious

Dr. Emmett, played by Jeff Lovetinsky; Florence, played by Ali Peterson; Mrs. Savage, played by Betsy Bailey, and Jeff, played by Cody Butland rehearse a scene from “Curious Savage” Wednesday night. Staff photo by Amy Cunningham

Set in the late 1940s, the comedy stars 11 SHHS students whose characters are thrown into a dither by the death of the lead character’s  husband.  Upon his death his widow, Mrs. Savage, inherits $10 million in bonds that she decides to use charitably.  Her unhappy stepchildren decide to have Mrs. Savage committed to a sanitarium where she meets up with some inmates whom she grows to love.  The  stepchildren, in an attempt to steal and squander her fortune, arrive at the sanitarium and, hijinks ensue.  Viewers are left to ponder which characters are more insane, the residents of the sanatorium or Mrs. Savage’s stepchildren.

Lilybell, played by Katie Masters, demands to have access to treasury bonds her stepmother has hidden. Staff photo by Amy Cunningham

SHHS director Emily Thomas came upon the play by happenstance, but quickly fell in love with the theme and with the show’s characters.  She said that a student in one of her drama and forensics classes found the script as part of an assignment.  She decided to take a chance on the show. Despite the fact that the play wasn’t well known, Thomas felt the audience would have a connection to it.
“I thought it was funny and cute,” she said.  “It has a little bit of mystery, it has a little bit of humor and, I think, you find yourself loving the characters by the end of the show.”
The cast has been rehearsing since January and, because it is a comedy and timing is crucial, they have put in extra hours to get it just right.
Thomas said that cast members asked to increase practices from after school to twice daily, adding a morning session.
“They suggested it, they said, ‘let’s get this right,’” she explained.  “and with the extra time  I’ve let them explore their characters a little bit.  They’ve learned through trial and error.”
Thomas said that the play will have a little something for everyone who watches.

Mrs. Savage, played by Betsy Bailey, consults with Dr. Emmett, played by Jeff Lovtinsky, in a scene from the Curious Savage to open Friday night at SHHS. Staff photo by Amy Cunningham

“Everybody can identify with one of these characters,” she said.
The play will run both Friday and Saturday at the SHHS Theatre with show times at 7 p.m.  Tickets are $5.