Lee Cape

This e-mail is in response to a March 25, 2011 article that I read concerning Austin’s Bar and Grill and the Gardner Planning Commission.  As a recent convert to the natural rights libertarian way of thinking about the purpose of government as a result of the growing nonsensical out of control currency debasement, war, patronage etc., I have to say that the article incensed me.
I find it ridiculous that a private business (Austin’s) on private property (Moonlight Commons strip mall) is lorded over by a bunch of busy body bureaucrats that somehow think it’s their civic duty and right to regulate and dictate such trivial things as the ‘open gate’, and the ‘aesthetic appeal of the materials utilized on the base of the structure.’  We are still in the United States of America, correct?
The more I read and the more I learn, the more I see the government involving itself in an ever-growing myriad and multitude of areas of life where it should not be.  Since when did it become the right or purpose of the government to determine the use of private property?
Probably during the early Progressive Era I am guessing.  I read that the patio, which was created to accommodate smokers, (which should also be the right of the private property owners to allow or disallow smoking on their private property) cost Austin’s Bar and Grill  $100,000 to construct.
Phil DiVilbiss, developer, mentions other businesses’ of his in Lawrence going out of business as a result of the diktats of the state of Kansas.  I have also heard that here in Gardner, the local ACE Hardware lost somewhere around 30 percent of its income as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus bill) money and continual road construction hampered access of customers to the business for months on end.
Now, I realize the government doesn’t really ever have to worry about a balance sheet, because it always has the force of the law and the gun behind it, but businesses and private property owners don’t have that privilege.  So, I find it first of all comical and disturbing that the ‘Planning Commission’ of Gardner has the right to dictate to private business owners such onerous details of business construction as:
1. Gates being left open, supposedly blocking the sidewalk on private property
2. Partial loss of a parking place because the faux base comes a few inches from the curb.  As if people are so stupid as to run into the patio.  Which some may, but it’s still not any of the City’s business.
3. Complaining and having a say in the ‘unpleasing to the eye’ colored braces for the removable glass panels.
4. The ‘aesthetic appeal’ of the materials used at the base of the patio.
5. The decorative metal tubing used near the top of the windows.
6  The red colored support beams that take away from the ‘visual appeal.’
It’s no wonder politicians are so corrupt.  All this red tape, all these diktats add to costs which get passed on to the customer, pick the pocket of business owners, cause layoffs, or prevent hiring, and force people to lobby and put people in power that will advocate for their interests regarding nonsense like this.  Maybe more Americans should read the Declaration of Independence where it states that the purpose of government is to protect the rights of people to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
With The Kansas City Star reporting that the state of Kansas lost 12,800 jobs in the month of February, maybe it’s time to think about why.