Amy Cunningham
The Spring Hill Brush Site has gone the way of the dinosaur.
The site, located at 215th Street and Woodland Road, has long been used by Spring Hill residents to drop their yard waste, including leaves and grass clippings along with bigger items like tree limbs and brush. Following collection periods, the city would dispose of debris by burning it.
Starting March 1, the city agreed to shut down the site and cease collection of yard wastes.
According to Rory Hale, Spring Hill Director of Public Works, the city was forced to close the site when the state refused to renew their permit because it fell out of compliance with the State of Kansas and Johnson County.
“A decision was made by the state as part of the Air Quality Program,” Hale explained.  He said that the city would have been forced to come up with a significant amount of money to be able to continue on with the program.
“It just ended up being too costly.  The city has been looking at other alternatives, but at this point it’s closed and, for all intents and purposes, it’s closed permanently.”
Hale said that the city is working on a solution for residents.  For the remainder of 2011, residents can send bagged grass and bundles of brush with their trash collectors.  Brush must be bundled in four foot sections for refuse collectors to accept it.  Hale believes that isn’t a permanent solution, however.
“There’s a big push for composting and recycling – we’ve had some discussion with County about that in the coming months,” he said.  “We’re looking for alternatives to see what we can provide – whether it’s education or a composting site – of course, there are cost associated with any type of facility the city provides.”