Robert Cook
I have lived in Gardner since 1970 and have owned a business in Gardner since 1985, so I am no stranger to the area.
For some time, I have been concerned with the leadership and some personnel in our local government.
Recently, I read Gardner City Council work session item No. 2 from the Feb. 14 meeting – a disturbing document to say the least. In section 8.20.20 “Right of Entry, Unlawful Interference,” the first part gives city officials authority that I don’t believe even the police department has.
Welcome to the bounty hunters of code enforcement.
This is what your community development director and staff have been doing with our tax dollars. I believe the time would be better spent trying to help local business and residents survive in this tough economy.
This is a perfect example of the mentality that government has used for so long and helped get us in the mess we are in now.
People, wake up. The city officials are not concerned with the real problems facing this community – taxes, jobs and losing businesses.